Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby's first trip

So, unlike most children Blake's first trip was a big one. July 18 we took off to Italy to join my dad's family for a family vacation. Now if it were not for my parents we would not have even thought about taking a 3 month old baby on a flight that was going to be at least 12 hours long. But my parents really wanted the whole family there so they paid for us to go, THANKS mom and dad! So nervously we board the plane, and I think we got more nervous as we saw the fear on the passengers' faces as they passed by a small baby to get to their seats. Kind of funny because we had seats in the bulkhead (first row behind first class) so everyone had to walk by us. Now normally we have a very quiet and happy baby, one who only cries when he is hungry but we were unsure what would happen once in the air. Well, he was FANTASTIC! He didn't make a peep! It was great. After we landed both in Toronto and then in Rome people commented on how well behaved our little man was. THANK YOU BLAKE!
Once in Italy we got our car and headed for my grandpa's village which is about 3 hours south of Rome. Just to let you know, drivers there are nuts! When we got to Sepino it was time for a quick lunch and then a nap. Its the coolest place around. Everything shuts down around 1pm beace its nap time. We didn't do much on our holiday except relax. We did make it to the beach one day and boy was it beautiful! Before heading home we stopped in Rome for a day and a half and walked around to see some sights. It was neat to see Rome but carrying around a baby in 40+ weather is not that fun. Back on the plane with our fingers crossed Blake would be as awesome as he was on the way there.
We stopped in Montreal and had an hour layover. Just before it was time to board Blake was hungry, I didn't want to feed him until we were on the place because walking and feeding is not the easiest, so I waited. Well Blake was not happy that he had to wait as he has not learnt patience yet so he was screaming. Brett walked around with him until finally we were allowed to pre-board. Well once he ate he was happy and tired and he fell asleep even before the rest of the plane boarded. As Blake is sleeping in my arms the man whose seat was beside Brett came walking down the isle. He took one look and Blake and mumbled the F word under his breath. I wanted to tell him how great he was on all the flights prior but I didn't want to jinx it. The man then asked to move to another seat if one was open, which kind of pissed me off as he didn't even give Blake a chance. I kept my mouth closed and wasn't too upset because once that man left his seat it allowed us to put Blake's carseat in his own seat! Thank you grumpy man!

Since getting home Blake has started jumping and laughing. Not just laughing but full giggling. Its pretty friggin cute and I have it recorded on my phone for anyone who wants to hear it! LOL

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