Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby's first trip

So, unlike most children Blake's first trip was a big one. July 18 we took off to Italy to join my dad's family for a family vacation. Now if it were not for my parents we would not have even thought about taking a 3 month old baby on a flight that was going to be at least 12 hours long. But my parents really wanted the whole family there so they paid for us to go, THANKS mom and dad! So nervously we board the plane, and I think we got more nervous as we saw the fear on the passengers' faces as they passed by a small baby to get to their seats. Kind of funny because we had seats in the bulkhead (first row behind first class) so everyone had to walk by us. Now normally we have a very quiet and happy baby, one who only cries when he is hungry but we were unsure what would happen once in the air. Well, he was FANTASTIC! He didn't make a peep! It was great. After we landed both in Toronto and then in Rome people commented on how well behaved our little man was. THANK YOU BLAKE!
Once in Italy we got our car and headed for my grandpa's village which is about 3 hours south of Rome. Just to let you know, drivers there are nuts! When we got to Sepino it was time for a quick lunch and then a nap. Its the coolest place around. Everything shuts down around 1pm beace its nap time. We didn't do much on our holiday except relax. We did make it to the beach one day and boy was it beautiful! Before heading home we stopped in Rome for a day and a half and walked around to see some sights. It was neat to see Rome but carrying around a baby in 40+ weather is not that fun. Back on the plane with our fingers crossed Blake would be as awesome as he was on the way there.
We stopped in Montreal and had an hour layover. Just before it was time to board Blake was hungry, I didn't want to feed him until we were on the place because walking and feeding is not the easiest, so I waited. Well Blake was not happy that he had to wait as he has not learnt patience yet so he was screaming. Brett walked around with him until finally we were allowed to pre-board. Well once he ate he was happy and tired and he fell asleep even before the rest of the plane boarded. As Blake is sleeping in my arms the man whose seat was beside Brett came walking down the isle. He took one look and Blake and mumbled the F word under his breath. I wanted to tell him how great he was on all the flights prior but I didn't want to jinx it. The man then asked to move to another seat if one was open, which kind of pissed me off as he didn't even give Blake a chance. I kept my mouth closed and wasn't too upset because once that man left his seat it allowed us to put Blake's carseat in his own seat! Thank you grumpy man!

Since getting home Blake has started jumping and laughing. Not just laughing but full giggling. Its pretty friggin cute and I have it recorded on my phone for anyone who wants to hear it! LOL

Thursday, July 9, 2009

He's growing too fast

Wow! Its been a while. So many things have happened. Since I last wrote. Here are some Blake highlights:

1. He SAW me. Like really looked at me and knew he was looking at me.
2. He had his first real SMILE that was not caused by gas.
3. He now responds to voices.
4. He has mastered breastfeeding. For all of you who have not been through it… it’s not as easy as it looks, and it doesn’t feel great.
5. He now loves to stand up and boy does he have strong legs.
6. He is sleeping in his crib, in his room, like a big boy!
7. He is starting to sleep for longer periods of time (max of 8 hours so far).
8. He talks now. Ahhgooo is his favourite word as of now.
9. He just started walking… no big deal! Haha kidding!

Honestly though, things just keep getting better and better! I can not believe that he is already 2 ½ months old. When people say that time goes by quickly and to enjoy them when they are young, its not a lie. Each week I wonder where the time has gone. Looking at my son I am amazed that its been over 10 weeks now since our first meeting. Do you know how many diapers that is!? A LOT!!

Next on our list of firsts: Blake’s first holiday. He is only going to Italy. Not camping in the bush, not to the cabin, not even Disney Land, the lucky kid is going to friggin Italy! Well so are we but we have had to wait a long time for this!

I will update after the trip. Keep your fingers crossed for a happy and tired baby on the plane!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The best and worst week of my life

The Good:

Sunday Brett and I spent the day at the ball park watching the Eruption play. We got home, ate some dinner and went to bed. I woke up at 1:30 and felt awful. I contemplated having a bath then I felt a trickle run down my leg. I stood there for a minute and thought “is this my water breaking?” Knowing that you are not supposed to get in the tub after your water breaks I went back to the bedroom. At this point I am feeling some pain, just not like the previous Sunday when I had false labour. Brett woke up and figured that even if I didn’t think I was in labour we should still go to the hospital to find out why I was in pain. So we called and they said to come on in.

2:30 we get to the E.R. they let us go upstairs and I quickly do a urine sample before going into the assessment room. The nurse hooks me up to a fetal monitor and another monitor for the contractions. Then the nurse checks me after I have told her I don’t think I am in labour. She looks up with a smile on her face, “you are not going home, you are in labour. You are 4cm but the head is still a little high.” WOW not what I expected to hear. Brett called my parents and told them what was going on and my dad said to keep them updated. The nurse told me I would be on the monitor for 30 mins, then the pain got worse and she suggested going into my room and trying out the shower.

GREAT! The shower is supposed to help the pain! So she instructed Brett to go down and get me admitted and then move the car from the Emergency Lot to the Day Lot. In the 15 minutes Brett was gone I got to my room and tried going the bathroom (I was convinced I had to go), then the nurse suggested gas. At this point the pain had changed since the assessment room so I thought ok lets try it. I took in 2 puffs and thought I was going to puke so we turned it off. Right then Brett finally got back to the room, it felt like he had been gone for an hour (he tells me now he wasn’t really in a hurry because he was ‘cool as a cucumber.’) I was about to get into the nice warm shower that was running when I looked and Brett and said “I know it sounds silly because I was just 4cm but I really feel like I need to push.” The nurse looked at me and said that she could check me but chances are I am not there yet. So up on the bed, the nurse checks me and looks up at me wide eyed and says, “wow, you are fully dilated, so yes you probably feel the head as its right there.” She left to get the doctor. When she came back she informed us that the doctor was busy with another lady who was pushing but that its her 4th child so he should be out in no time. Great! She told me I could still push a bit for some relief. First push she tells me it’s a good push and she can see a small part of the head. Second or third contraction she says she can see the whole head. The nurse really didn’t want to catch the baby so she got the head nurse to come in. Just then Dr. Chapman came in. Next contraction I pushed three times then the head was out. I was instructed to stop pushing, then it was time for a few small coughing pushes. Look down and see what you had they told me. I looked down and out popped (they really fly outta there) a baby BOY! I remember thinking two things: Wow it’s a boy and wow he is small. Brett cut the cord and then they put him up on my chest for a few minutes of cuddles and a few screams. They then took him away and checked him over and weighed him before giving him back to us. The doctor cleaned me up and then had to leave to go stitch up the other lady before he could do his check on the baby.

After Brett and I spent a few silent minutes just staring at him we confirmed that we still agreed on the name. Blake Arnold Lambie. I reached for my phone. It was just before 4am when both my parents answered the phone. I asked them if they wanted to come meet their new grandchild. “Already?” my mom gasped. When Brett tried calling his parents it took 4 calls to the house phone and 2 to the cell phone before anyone answered. By 4:45 the grandparents had arrived as well as Auntie Holly, Uncle Paolo and Auntie Kathrin. (Bonnie we did not expect to come out as she lives in Vancouver and had to work in the morning) The doctor came back and checked over Blake and he got an all clear! Yes!! Family stayed for a short while and then left so they could get some rest before all having to go into work. Brett and I just sat there staring and text messaging as many people as we could to tell them the news. Sorry for waking some of you up! We had lots of visitors that day and were discharged Tuesday morning. We came home and all three of us had a nap together before getting some dinner and heading out to watch Blake’s first baseball game.

The Bad:

We had a couple great days at home. I have never seen Brett so excited to come home before. Then came Thursday night… I had been feeling feverish since 4pm but every time I checked my temperature was fine. Then at about 8:30 I checked it again after watching the most of the Canucks game with the chills. The thermometer read 39.1. Yikes! So we went to the E.R.

After a three hour wait in the E.R. we got taken back to a bed. They hooked me up to an IV and took my temperature and asked me a million questions, then we just waited. Around 3:30 Brett and Blake left as there was nothing they could do for me there. So I fell asleep only to get woken up at 4:30 to a nurse telling me the doctor wanted to do an internal exam. I told her no because I was cold and I have a few stitches. She told me she would get me a warm blanket and I would sit up. FINE! So after the doctor checked me he told me he thought there were left over placenta parts and they would most likely have to do a D&C. That scared me. I really didn’t want an operation. They scheduled me for an ultrasound the next day to give them a better idea of what is going on. So back to sleep I went. The next morning just before 11 I got moved upstairs to a private room, in a ward that was only 6 weeks old! It was a great room. That way I could feed Blake and I didn’t have to worry about who was around. The doctor up there looked at the ultrasound results and checked me then gave me some good news. She didn’t think that a D&C was needed, she thought I was just inflamed and that antibiotics would help. So I was allowed to eat until midnight but had to fast after that incase the doctor in the morning felt a D&C was needed. The next day the doctor came in and told me the D&C was not needed but that he wanted me to stay another day until my fever was under control. Ok, one more night as long as my fever stays away. 9pm that night the nurse comes in and oh guess who has a fever, yes this girl. I was a mess thinking that I would not be able to go home in the morning. It was not pretty. All I wanted to do was go home, be in my own bed, take care of my boys, the last thing I wanted to do was stay another night. Well this morning rolled around and in came the doctor, way earlier than I expected. I was convinced he was going to make me stay because of that one stupid fever but he told me if I take the oral antibiotics and watch my temperature then I could go home. YES FINALY!!! He left the room and I quickly called Brett and told him to come quickly, I didn’t want the doctors to change their minds. That brings us to now…

I am at home with Brett and Blake and I could not be any happier! it’s the best feeling in the world and I never want to have to be away like that again.

While all this hospital crap was happening to me Brett was so wonderful. He took Blake home every night and did the middle of the night feedings and during the day he came back and hung out with me. He was such a trooper. He truly is the worlds greatest dad and I love him and thank him so much for how strong and wonderful he has been.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The worst night so far

You ever get those nights that you just can not sleep? That was my night last night. I went to bed around 9:30 which is normal for me. Then I was up every hour to hour and a half having to pee or switch positions (something I can not do while sleeping anymore). When I woke up at 4:15 this morning I could not get back to sleep. I was so uncomfortable it was crazy. There was some serious pelvis pressure- it felt like the baby’s head was going to fall out. I know its not going to actually fall out but trust me, that’s what it felt like. So I laid in bed, watching the room get brighter by the minute. I also played some brick breaker under the blanket so the light from my phone wouldn’t bother Brett. When his alarm went off at 6 I was super excited that I could turn the TV on, finally. Yes I could have gone downstairs to watch TV but the couch is just not as comfortable as being in bed.

I had my weekly doctor’s appointment this morning at 9 so I figured they would check me again to see how things are progressing down there. Even after knowing what happened on Sunday night they still didn’t check me internally. She did poke around on the outside and said the head is down a lot lower than last week. Its now half way in my pelvis, not just 1/5, so that would be why I have all the pressure. She said now we just sit and wait for more contractions. I am going for a walk tonight! I want this kid out!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

False Alarm

11:53pm I wake up Sunday night because I have to go the bathroom. I go and crawl back into bed and lay there for 15 minutes. By 12:07am I am completely uncomfortable with extreme back pain. I decide to hop in the tub and soak for a bit to try and relieve the pain. After 20-30 minutes soaking and playing Brick Breaker I think that I am tired enough that I will just fall asleep no matter the pain I am still feeling. So back to bed I go. While I am lying there with all this back pain I put my hands on my belly and notice its HARD. Not regular pregnancy hard but hard all over. This mixed with the back pain which was shooting forward like a period cramp got me thinking... is this labour? After looking at the clock and thinking that I shouldn't wake Brett up yet because its not happening a lot and he has to get up for work. So I stayed there, breathing away the pain, (by away I mean through, because the pain did not go away) watching the clock to see how much time is between these possible contractions. I tried moving myself into different positions because they say that Braxton Hicks contractions can go away or ease up if you move, this did not happen. So the time between each feeling was not a lot- only 5 minutes. According to all the doctors and classes they say to call the maternity ward and come in when contractions are 5 minutes apart for an hour. It had been happening a while now and thought maybe I should wake Brett up and see if he thinks the same about my belly getting hard. He confirmed that yes my belly was hard and after looking over some papers we thought okay let's call and see what they say.

So I called and the nurse told me the maternity ward was on diversion. Meaning they are so busy that anyone of their patients in labour have to go to another hospital but they can have me come in for an assessment. So we packed up our stuff, just in case. While doing all this my biggest 2 concerns were that I needed to take off my mascara because its not waterproof and if I end up in the shower at the hospital I can not have it running down my face and I want to do my hair. Two things that don't normally concern me. Off to the hospital we go. In the back of my head I am thinking what if they look at me and laugh and say these are not contractions you crazy nut. So we get there and the busy maternity ward seems dead as we walk in. First thing I see are brand new twins being rolled to the nursery-awww so cute! After peeing in a cup I get put in the assessment room and the nice, overly happy for 2am nurse comes in. We listen to the heartbeat and wait for a contraction. I am explaining what I have been feeling and she tells me that yes I am feeling contractions but they don't seem to be getting too intense. She checks me and I am still 1cm dilated but my cervix has softened and has moved forward. She looks at me and says, "you may not think this is a good thing, but I don't want to send you to Burnaby. Go home, try and sleep and hope that things progress around 8am when we should have room for you. I understand sleeping may seem impossible with the pain but we can give you something like Ativan to help you sleep because you could still be days away and you are going to need to rest." I declined the drugs and she explained that if the back pain gets worse I can try regular Tylenol if I am comfortable with that. She told us if things get worse to come back but if possible stay at home until 8am.

Back in the car, headed for home. I am feelings some sadness as I did hope that I could get to meet our little one. Once we got home I crawled into bed and positioned myself with pillows. After laying there for over an hour I must have dozed off. I woke up at 5:38am, went pee, got back in bed and waited... nothing. No more contractions. I still had the back pain but it stayed in my back and I did not get a hard tummy. So what 2 hours of painful contractions and then it just stops? Seriously? Come on now, I was so ready! Well now we just sit around and wait for things to happen. By sit I mean I am going to do groceries and buy beer for tonight's ball game. I guess this baby just knows that if it came out now my dad would miss it. Gotta wait til the 26th!

The adventure continues...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Our crazy long weekend

Easter Weekend: Four whole days off… well for Brett, I am permanently off! So the weekend started off wild and crazy. Thursday we had dinner at my parents and stayed and watched the Canucks game. It was such a great game both Brett and my dad fell asleep. Friday we woke up and Brett started working on building some shelves for the garage. After that we planned on watching the Flames lose to the Oilers at Mengil and Magalie’s place but Sportsnet was not showing us the game- stupid jerks! Saturday I cleaned the house while Brett made himself a fancy work bench for in the garage then we headed over to Rob and Holly’s place and hung out there. Stacey and Bonnie were over and that meant I got to see baby Evan. By baby Evan, I mean giant Evan who is just about 8 months old but looks like he is 2 years old. This kid is frigging sweet! I love the way he looks at Brett, its just too cute. Its like he is mesmerized by the beard. Sunday and Monday were spent doing things around the house, like I said it was a Wild and Crazy weekend for us.

Pregnancy Update: (If you do not want details stop reading now!) Thursday I had my weekly doctor’s appointment. These appointments are not normally a big deal. I go in, pee in a cup, get weighed, they check my blood pressure and feel my belly and off I go. Well this time was slightly different. One thing nobody tells you until you get pregnant is that there is this test you have to do. It’s not a test you can study for- it’s a swab they do. Now this maybe more information than you need to know but hey at least you will know about it before you go and get pregnant. it’s a Group B Streptococcus test. In order for the doctors to know if you have this they stick a q-tip around your bum. Now it sounds horrible and it was not fun however I will let you all know its not as bad as a pap, so don’t let this scare you out of kids. Anyways the reason I brought up this test is that in all my appointments so far I have not had to take any clothes off and wouldn’t need to until 38-39 weeks when they normally check you internally to see how things are going. This time because of my joyful test my pants were sitting on the chair rather than being on my body. Turns out this was ok. The night before while we were at baseball I felt like I was having a bunch of Braxton Hicks contractions and when I mentioned that to the doctor he thought it would be best to check my cervix. He thought it was a little early for it to be doing anything but thought he would check just to see. Well, my cervix has started to soften. This means that the ball has started to roll. The doctor did say that it could still take weeks for me to go into labour OR it could happen anytime now. He suggested packing my bag so I am ready, something Brett has been telling me to do for a week now! So basically I am a ticking time bomb. This baby could come out anytime and that thought is super exciting and very frustrating. I am not patient when I know something is going to happen and I don’t get to know when. My dad is away April 18-24 and then my mom is gone April 24-25 so I am guessing the baby will try and make an appearance then just to be difficult. If I could pick any day I would pick April 16 or April 26. I will guess its not coming until sometime in May though.

Ok folks, what are your picks?
Date, time, sex, weight…

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sometimes I impress myself

Well its 11:00am and I am feeling great. I am on week 4 of not working and starting to get the hang of this not working thing. You would think it would be easy but surprisingly it hasn't been. I have not really been sleeping in simply because I don't really sleep any longer than 2 hours without waking up these days. So my days normally consist of waking up around 6am, watching Grey's Anatomy (I am re-watching the series from season 1), having a short cat nap, eat breakfast, tidy up a bit, run some errands and/or go for coffee with someone, make dinner and then Brett and I hang out in front of the tv for a bit before heading to bed.

Today on the other hand, I was up and showered and out of the house by 9am AND I had already done some laundry and cleaned the kitchen! I went and did the grocery shopping and delievered an Iced Capp to Brett at work. Its now 11am and I am going to change over the laundry and then head to Babies r Us to return the bottles that we bought on the weekend and maybe look around a bit at all the cute baby stuff.

This weekend Brett and I went to pick up a few more things for the baby. We got a mattress cover for the crib, some bottles (which I am bringing back because I can get the same ones from Extra Foods for waaay cheaper), some soothers, diaper rash cream, crib sheets and we finally got the foam mattress cut for the bassinette! I think we are ALMOST ready. I do need to pack a bag for the hospital so its ready to go whenever this little one is ready but most of the stuff I need to pack is waiting in the crib to be put in a bag.

What else will today hold for me? Okay maybe a little nap, we will see, I have been up since 6 so I do deserve one!